1 Year

Explore a Career in Missions 

Explore is a one-year missions program where young people get sent all over the world to different Every Nation churches. There they will have the opportunity to serve the local community and share the Gospel with those in need. It is also a travel-based leadership development training.

1 Year

A Year of Missions

LifeYear is a missions immersion program that develops, supports, and empowers anyone desiring to pursue international missions long-term. Our missions immersion program is designed to help those with a strong desire to minister in another nation discover God’s specific ministry assignment for their life.

3 Years and Longer

Career Misionary

Missions Connect creates connection and encouragement for South Africa - sent

missionaries through meetings and events.


Learn what it means to be an Every Nation missionary and how we can help you get to the mission field. Join us to learn about different missions opportunities all over the world, and receive guidance for the next step of your journey.